Types of WordPress

You will always be seeing WordPress being mentioned in this site. For beginners there maybe a bit of confusion every time WordPress is mentioned but most of the time we’re referring to the self-hosted version which can be downloaded at www.wordpress.org.


There are two types WordPress: the self-hosted and hosted.

Self Hosted means you have to host it yourself so you need a webhost to use it. Hosted means it’s being hosted at wordpress.com so you don’t need a webhost. In short, it’s free.

Let’s compare:

Self Hosted WordPress

1. Download software at wordpress.org
2. You need a webhost to run it.
3. Needs a domain name
4. Having your domain means you have your own brand
5. You have total control over your site with no strict rules to comply
6. Only you can stop the existence of your site
7. You can ad adsense and promote anything you want
8. The freedom of using and choosing from thousands of Themes and Plugins
9. This one is for serious and professional bloggers.
10. Perfect for internet marketers.

Hosted WordPress

1. Create account at wordpress.com
2. It’s free. Webhost not needed
3. Your domain is free.wordpress.com
4. The brand wordpress.com always comes with your site
5. Too many restrictions and limitations with strict policies
6. That said, your site can be deleted anytime
7. Adsense ads is not allowed even affiliate ads but they may put ads on your site.
8. Limited to only using provided themes and plugins. Pay for premium ones.
9. This one is good for beginner and regular bloggers only
10. Good for newbies

What type of WordPress is recommended for blogging or online business?

Well, if you’re serious with your online business then go for self-hosted WordPress. To give you a quick example, what you’re reading now is a self hosted one.

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