Which Advertising Methods or Traffic Sources Should I Focus On?

This is a great question, because a lot of online business owners make the mistake of taking the shotgun approach. They fire off a dozen advertising methods at once, and then look around to see if they hit anything.

Here’s a better approach: choose just ONE traffic source. Get that traffic source up and running. Once you find success with one traffic source, then you can select another traffic source.

In other words, don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on getting traffic and having success with one traffic source before you even think of adding another.

TIP: Typically you’d see something about SEO (search engine optimization) on a list like this. However, while SEO can be very effective, it is also something where the landscape can change rapidly. That means that you’re constantly analyzing results, keeping abreast of the latest algorithm changes and so on. Sometimes it’s better to hire an SEO expert whose job it is to keep informed about the changes.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about some of the more popular ways to get traffic…

Partner Traffic

The benefit of partner traffic is that it produces warm leads, which means a higher conversion rate for you.

This includes both setting up an affiliate program, as well as seeking out joint venture partners. These are actually two different traffic sources, so you should pursue them separately. For example, get your affiliate program up and running first before you focus on getting traffic though other sorts of joint ventures.

Whether you’re looking to recruit joint venture partners or super affiliates, keep these tips in mind:

  • Develop relationships first. Your partners are more likely to say yes to your joint venture or affiliate invitation if they already know, like and trust you.
  • Give your partners a good deal. In other words, you want to make it worth their while to partner with you. So give them the better end of the bargain.

Guest Blogging

Here’s a way to leverage someone else’s traffic. Simply locate blogs which are open to accepting guest articles, then submitting your (preferably unique) article.


  • You can find these blogs by searching Google. Your search should include your niche keywords alongside keywords such “article submission” and “guest article.”
  • Read the submission guidelines carefully. The most popular blogs will send your article straight to the trash – no matter how good it is – if you don’t follow their guidelines.
  • Make the most of your author byline. Don’t use it to talk about yourself. Instead, create a short advertisement with a call to action to direct people to your website.
  • E.G., “Now you too can discover the #1 secret for doubling your conversion rate. Click here to find out for free!

Social Media Marketing

Your prospects and customers are already on social media sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Your first step is to research the demographics of these sites to determine if your particular target market congregates on them. Then pick one or two sites on which to build a presence.

Paid Advertising

This is a great way to quickly get highly targeted prospects coming directly to your lead pages and sales pages. You can advertise via:

  • The Facebook advertising platform.
  • Google AdWords pay per click platform.
  • Directly on niche websites and in newsletters.

No matter which venues you try, keep these tips in mind:

  • Test, track and tweak. Start with small ad buys, and test your campaigns to be sure the campaign is effective before you invest more money in the platform or other ad venue.
    • Be sure you put your ads in front of a targeted audience. For example, if you use Facebook, then use their ad platform to narrow your audience down by location, gender, age, interest and other characteristics. The more targeted your audience, the better your conversion rates.

Let’s wrap things up…


Again, I highly recommend you pick just one traffic method to get started, and then focus on that method exclusively until you’re enjoying success.

I suggest you start with partner traffic, since it’s a great way to get highly targeted, warm and high-converting leads.

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