How To Submit Website Url To Digg

Website owners submit their site’s url to social bookmarking sites in the hope that they’ll attract visitors (web traffic). The more traffic they get means the more exposure they may get for their website or blog which may translate to more income. is one of the most popular and well known social bookmarking communities on the internet. This is why many web owners who are keen at driving visitors to their site use it.

This simple instruction will guide you on how to submit your website to Digg. If you we’re hired to do this kind of job this will serve as your manual.

Step1. Sign up for an account.
Of course this is the very first thing you should do if you don’t have an account yet. However, for those who are doing this for extra job and you were provided with log in details simply proceed to step 2.

Step2. Log in
Simply use the username and password you entered during the registration. Otherwise simply copy and paste the log in details provided to you by your client if you are doing this for extra income.

Step3. Find the ‘Submit New’ new button.
You will see this on the top right hand side of the Digg homepage. What you do? Of course, Click on it.

Step4. Submit the URL.
Now, enter the url (website address) of the website in the appropriate blank in the next window that will show up.

Step5.  ‘Choose Media’.
As you can see from the image above, the next field says, “Choose Media”. You will click one of the little circles. This depends on the type of page you are submitting.

  • News Article – Click this if you are submitting any type of textual based website, article, news story, blurb, etc
  • Video – Click this if you are submitting videos from Youtube, Metacafe, etc.
  • Image– Click on this if you are submitting photos or graphics which really have no other content

Step6. Click the “Continue” button.
Sometimes you will have to wait while your submission is being processed.

Step7.  Fill in the title and description in the blanks provided.
The Digg script will try to automatically fill the Title and Description field but you may change it if you want or if your client requires.

Step8. Choose A Topic.
Topics are grouped into categories. Click on the category (in blue colors) to which you think the link you are submitting fits into. For example if the title is something about “Country Songs”  then you will click “Music” button.

Step9. Preview your submission.
You have nothing to do in this. This is only to show you what your submission will look like on Digg.

Step10. Are you Human?
Simply enter the characters you see on the box. This is a common way to protect websites such as Digg from being abused by robot operated scripts.

Step11. Click “Submit Story” Button.
There are times when a page will show up  saying “Is this story already on Digg?”, simply scroll down and click on a button that says, “My story has no duplicates”.

Step12. That’s it.
If your submission is successful a page should now appear that says Success! Your story has been submitted.

Just repeat the process if you wish to submit more website urls.

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