What Can I Sell On The Backend?

You’ve heard that the real fortune in your business lays hidden in the backend. And you know what? It’s true. The easiest sale you’ll ever make is to sell another product or service to an existing customer.

Now elsewhere I’ve talked about how to sell on the backend, such as via follow-up emails, links in your products, promos on download pages and more.

But here’s the million-dollar question: what exactly should you sell on the backend?

And here’s the million-dollar answer: a series of related products at different price points, all of which are designed to solve your prospect’s problem.

Here’s the key: don’t create and sell one product at a time. Instead, you should be thinking of your entire sales funnel. What will you use as a tripwire, core offer, and backend products? Every product in your funnel should be related to all others, so that you can easily cross-promote them.

So let me give you examples of the types of backend products you might sell inside a variety of funnels…

Example 1: The core offer is a book about setting up a membership site

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • Membership site software/scripts.
  • A video with advanced tips and tricks for monetizing a membership site, reducing the churn rate, etc.
  • A guide to getting traffic to a membership site.

Example 2: The core offer is a guide to starting a vegetarian lifestyle

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • A vegetarian cookbook plus meal planners.
  • A support group where members can swap tips and recipes.
  • A guide to losing weight while enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle.

Example 3: The core offer is a video about stress relief

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • A guided meditation audio.
  • An ebook about how to handle career/work stress.
  • A vault membership site with a variety of stress relief books and videos (meditation, biofeedback, exercise, etc).

Example 4: The core offer is a conversion-optimization app

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • A yearlong fixed-term membership that gives members 52 ways (one each week) to improve conversion rates.
  • A “done for you” service for optimizing a sales letter, ad campaign or even an entire website.
  • A weeklong ecourse that teaches advanced testing and tracking strategies.

Example 5: The core offer is a golfing guide

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • A video that shows specific swing techniques to improve drives.
  • A gear guide that shows people how to choose the best clubs for their needs and other equipment.
  • Actual physical equipment, such as clubs, gloves, balls and more.

Example 6: The core offer is a book about navigating a divorce

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • Legal services (if you’re qualified, or you can sell them as an affiliate).
  • A book about how to make it as easy as possible on the children.
  • Access to a support group.

Example 7: The core offer is about starting a business

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • Templates and forms that business owners need, such as terms of service templates, invoice templates, etc.
  • Access to a webinar with a panel of experts to discuss start up strategies.
  • A six-month fixed-term membership site that covers major topics such as business models, business planning, funding and more.

Example 8: The core offer is a book about adoption

Ideas of what to sell on the backend:

  • A three-month long course on how to successfully navigate the process while still saving money.
  • A set of checklists to use for the pre-adoption home check, interviews, and other steps of the adoption process.
  • A report that helps people deal with the waiting and stress that can go on for years during the adoption process.


So there you have a variety of ideas of the types of products you can sell on the backend. Products include:

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Apps
  • Access to live events such as webinars
  • Books and reports
  • Tools such as mind maps, checklists and worksheets

Would you like a quick and easy way to create these backend products? Then what you want to do is buy a big package of PLR content. In fact, if you buy a large enough package, you can create an entire sales funnel worth of products out of the content.

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