How Do I Sell More Products on the Backend?

How Do I Sell More Products on the Backend?

One of the easiest sales you’ll ever make is to sell another product to an existing customer. That’s why you need to install a backend sales system in place.

However, where a lot of marketers fail is that they only half-heartedly promote their backend products. Maybe they only mention them in one or two places. And if the customer doesn’t snap those backend offers up at that moment, they might not see them again.

So here’s the thing…

If you want to sell more products on the backend, then you need to insert more promotions all through your sales funnel! So let me share with you some of the best ways to do that…

Create an Order-Form Upsell or Cross-Sell

Your prospect already has their credit card out, and they’re halfway through the ordering process. Now is a great time to offer them another product that will enhance or complement the product they’re purchasing.

Upsell and cross-sell are often used interchangeably, with both of them being referred to as an upsell. However, regardless of what terminology you use, take note that these are two different methods you can deploy. Specifically:

  • Cross-sell: this is where you sell something related. So if someone purchases your diet guide, you might cross-sell your meal-planning app.
  • Upsell: this is where you sell a “bigger” or higher-end version of the original order. For example, if someone purchases the “Silver” level of your membership site, you might upsell them on purchasing the “Gold” level membership.


Put an Offer On The Download/Confirmation Page

At this point your customer has already completed the ordering process, and they’re being directed to the download page. They’re excited about looking at their new product, but they’re also still very much in a buying mood. That’s why this is another good place to put a backend offer.

For example: “Before you go, be sure to check out this low-calorie cookbook with over 150 delicious recipes that the whole family will love!”

Insert Backend Offers Into Your Follow Up Emails

The next place to recommend a product on the backend is in the FIRST email you send to your new customers, as well as every email you send to them thereafter. In fact, you’ll want to set up an autoresponder with an initial three to seven part series that does two things:

  1. Encourages people to use the product they just purchased. If they use the product, their satisfaction goes up – and that means they’re more likely to make another purchase.
  1. Promotes related products to solve their problems. For example, if your customers just purchased a blogging guide, then you might sell WordPress plugins on the backend.


Embed Offers In Your Product

Another good place to generate sales is from within your product itself. This includes links and calls to action in:

  • Ebooks, reports and text products.
  • Membership sites.
  • Videos.
  • Audios.
  • Software and apps.

You might insert these recommendations in a variety of ways, including:

  • Within a “Recommended Resources” section. This gives you an opportunity to link to multiple products.
  • Embedded directly into the content. For example, if you’re teaching people how to set up a mailing list, then you might include a link to a trusted autoresponder service.
  • As a “Featured Product” advertisement within the product. For example, you might put this in the beginning or end of your product.

Also, don’t forget to put links and calls to action within your bonus products too.

Put Offers In Members-Only Sections Of Your Website


You can embed links and calls to action in places such as:

  • A private members-only forum.
  • A members-only Facebook group.
  • A members-only blog.

…And similar members-only communities and pages on your website.


So here’s the deal: if you want to make a LOT of extra backend sales, then get your links and calls to action out in front of your customers every chance they get. Your customers will be thrilled when you recommend additional resources and solutions to help them solve their problems!

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