Tips to Ensure Your Success When Starting Online

So you want to find out how you can start making money online. Maybe you actually started creating your first online marketing website. It’s an exciting endeavor but on the other hand, there’s a great possibility that you’ll be facing many roadblocks, disappointments and what not.

Here’s a quick tip to ensure your online success: find a mentor, a coach, a guide or whatever you may want to call it. That person should be willing to mentor or coach you as you embark on our online money making venture.


Lessons from My Early Years

When I first started online, I was so eager to earn money because I was totally broke. I had some debts to pay.

I had high hopes. Little did I know that I’m on false optimism.

My first impression was it must be easy to make money within 3-6 months. Prior to that, I worked as an overseas factory worker for six long but not so productive years. My job there was operating machines and everyday life was an endless routine of sleep, work, sleep, work, work…

Naturally, I didn’t know anything about creating a website, coding or programming. When it comes to writing especially in English which is not my first language, I couldn’t even write a coherent paragraph.

Another big problem was – I didn’t know how and where to start. I didn’t have any basic internet marketing skill. I didn’t have any idea what money making program really works and what will not.

I didn’t have a mentor or anyone whom I could seek good advice. I didn’t have any group of friends who knows internet marketing stuff.

My only little advantage is that I’m a little bit technically inclined so I can find my way on how to do webmaster things like setting up a WordPress blog, uploading files, managing a webhost, and other easy to understand internet stuff.

To make the story short, I was a confused introvert noob. I easily lost focus. I wander from one money making program to another. I earned nothing but a ton of frustrations. I wanted to leave internet marketing.

In desperation, I accepted a local 8-5 job offered by a friend which put me into more troubles – but don’t get me wrong because I’m grateful to that friend. Those troubles was used by the Heavens to allow to me discover a good niche where I can finally earn online income.

Get a Mentor or Find Someone Who Can At Least Guide You

So when you’re starting it’s best to find a mentor or someone who will teach you the basics.

If you want to be sure about your online money making venture, find a real online marketer in your locality but be sure though that he/she is actually making money. For what can you learn from someone who calls him/her self “internet marketer” but isn’t really making any money yet?

Most successful online marketers are willing to give practical advice or even guide you especially during your first steps.

If you can’t find someone who can guide you, join Facebook groups or internet forums who are focused on helping each other start online.

Be Cautious and Don’t Lose Your Focus

Avoid traditional network marketers who claim they do “online business” when what they really do is promote their network/business opportunities on Facebook.

Spamming FB groups, pages, and profiles with senseless “opportunities” is NOT online marketing.

Be more cautious if they try to recruit you. You’ll lost focus if you give in. Run away from them at all cost.

While it’s true that there are thousands of blogs and info sites out there about how to start making money online, the problem is – most are selling something and will not teach you how to really do it.

They’re only too happy to tell you their so-called secret if you buy their get-rich-quick products. Most often than not, what they really tell you are mostly half truths or regurgitated information that doesn’t work anymore, if not total craps.


If you want to start a serious online business or you’re planning to expand your existing brick and mortar business online, find a professional online marketer who can coach or mentor you.

Nowadays, you can find online professionals who offer their digital marketing services at reasonable prices.

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