What Is Product Splintering?

Product splintering sounds a bit painful, like a type of affliction you might get in your backside if you slid down an old wooden banister.  🙂

But in reality, product splintering is a very useful way to grow your business. The idea is to take a piece of one of your existing products, and offer this piece as a lead magnet or even a tripwire product to bring people into your sales funnel.

If people like the splintered product, then they’ll be more likely to invest in your whole product.

Let me give you a few examples of how this works:

  • You’re selling a large, multi-module video course. You take one of the best modules and offer it as a standalone product for $7. Then on the backend you sell the entire course for $97.
  • You’re selling a training manual with three bonus reports. You offer one of the bonus reports as a free lead magnet.
  • You’re selling a home-study course with a variety of manuals, worksheets, checklists, etc. You bundle up a collection of worksheets and checklists to offer as a standalone tripwire product.
  • You’re selling a weeklong coaching course. You offer the curriculum of the course as a standalone product, and then sell the coaching portion of the class on the backend.
  • You’re selling an in-depth ebook. You excerpt out a chapter or two, turn this excerpt into a report, and offer this report as standalone product.
  • You’re selling access to a membership site. You create a “bronze” level membership that limits access to some features (such as the member support forum), and then you sell the full membership on the backend.

You get the idea. Simply take a portion of your product, and dangle it enticingly in front of your prospects at a bargain price to draw them into your sales funnel.

So what’s the best way to take full advantage of this strategy? Follow these tips:

Splinter off a popular portion of your product. Some marketers want to save their very best stuff for the main offer. I’m saying don’t be afraid to splinter off some of your best stuff to offer as a standalone product. This impresses your new customers, and it makes it more likely they’ll want your main offer.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a diet guide, and your meal plans and recipes are very popular among your prospects. You can excerpt out a portion of these meal plans and recipes to offer as a $7 tripwire product.

Set it at a low price. Your goal is to bring people into your sales funnel. This means you can offer the splintered portion for free as a lead magnet, or at a very low price so that people are getting a lot of value for their money.

For example, maybe you excerpt out a video module that you could easily sell for $20. You might offer it for $7 – that’s a low enough price to be a spontaneous purchase, and it’s also a lot of value for the money.

Send customers to the main offer. As mentioned above, your splintered product’s purpose is to get customers into your sales funnel and ordering your main offer. So be sure your splintered product includes a link and a strong call to action to purchase the entire product.

For example: “If you liked these meal plans and recipes, then you’re going to want to get your hands on the complete set! You’ll get a full six months’ worth of “done for you” meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes that the whole family will love. Losing weight has never been easier for more delicious, so click here to get started now!”

TIP: If you really want to boost your conversions, then consider offering a special limited discount or bonus offer to those who order your main product within a specific time frame.


So as you can see, splintering is a really slick way to generate more sales. And it’s fast too, because you don’t need to create any new content. All you have to do is splinter off a portion of your existing product.

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