Is It Possible to Make Money Online?

Is it possible to make money online? How do I make a living on the internet? Can I make big money using the internet? Can I build a business off the web?

Definitely the above questions are very typical for individuals who just have heard of the money making possibilities brought forth by the internet.

Well, the answer to these questions is a big… YES. I know it is possible because I’m already making money online and I can say it’s a rewarding endeavor.

You may ask, “Why is it possible”?

Basically you can earn a living online selling your own product or offering your own services. You can also make money selling other people’s products as an affiliate. Some people work as freelancers by offering their expertise and skills to companies and webmasters. Still many others earn money by blogging and writing for other people’s blogs and websites.

Ways to Make Money Online

There are many avenues to earn money on the internet but for beginners let’s make it simple to avoid confusion.

Here are 3 avenues:

  1. blogging
  2. selling
  3. freelancing


Do you have the passion to write? Go this route if you want to become a popular blogger. This is for you if you have that passion to write and you know you can influence other people with your creative writing.

This is perfect for journalists, media personalities, professional writers, and opinionated individuals who love to speak their minds.

There are many ways to make big money off a blog. Read: How to Monetize Your Blog.

Selling Online

Learn the basics of internet marketing and then you can make money selling your own products or services on the internet. If you don’t have your own products, then you can promote other people’s products and earn affiliate commissions.


Go this route if you just want a job and in need of quick cash. Make sure you have internet related skills such as writing, marketing, web and graphics designing, CMS management, PHP coding and other types of programming.

If you do have these skills and are badly in need of cash, go to the following sites and apply:


For beginners, it’s best to choose the best route that you want to concentrate for the moment. You can then experiment with other avenues once you get the hang of doing things online.

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