How Can I Use PLR to Build My Business?

How Can I Use PLR to Build My Business?

This is a great question, because using PLR (private label rights) content is one of the quickest and easiest ways to:

  • Start an information product business.
  • Build another stream of income into an existing business.
  • Get all the content you need to grow your business.

So with these goals in mind, take a look at these three proven ways to use PLR…

Create a Product Out of PLR

This is one of the more common ways to use PLR. Simply buy the PLR to a high-quality ebook or other piece of content, and you can add it to your sales funnel.

However, I encourage you to think outside the box when you purchase PLR content. Consider these ideas:

  • Rewrite the content to create something unique. If you sell the product as-is, then you’re going to have competition from everyone else who holds the private label rights license to that particular piece of content. All you have to do is tweak it a bit to make it unique, such as adding in your own examples, tips, graphics and stories.
  • Compile multiple PLR content pieces. Another way to make your PLR product unique is by combining multiple pieces to create something entirely new. For example, you might purchase four PLR reports, and then combine excerpts from each of these reports to create a unique product.
  • Turn the content into a different format. The idea here is to make your product unique by delivering it in a different format. For example, you can use a private label rights ebook as the basis for creating a weeklong ecourse coaching class. Or you can take a report and turn it into a video. You can even take digital content and turn it into physical content.

Now here’s another way to use PLR…

Use PLR Content to Market Your Business

If you’re like most marketers, you need a lot of content to market your business. And purchasing PLR is a great way to get your hands on a large amount of content very fast at a relatively low price.

So how do you use PLR for marketing purposes? Check out these ideas:

  • Create an ecourse out of PLR content and upload it to your autoresponder.
  • Post articles on your blog.
  • Take short and snappy excerpts and post on social media.
  • Use PLR content to create articles for guest blogging.
  • Create a lead magnet out of PLR content.

As always, remember that you don’t have to use your content as is. For example, just because you need blog articles doesn’t mean you need to purchase PLR articles. Instead, you can take excerpts out of a PLR ebook to create your articles. This makes your use of this content more unique, since very few (if any) other PLR license holders will use the exact same excerpt out on their blogs.


Create An Entire Sales Funnel Out of PLR Content

Here’s one of my favorite ways to use PLR: get a big package of content, and then create an entire sales funnel out of it. This includes creating:

    • A lead magnet.
    • A tripwire product.
    • Your core offer.
    • Bonuses for these products.
    • Upsells for paid products.
    • Backend offers.

You can even use the content for marketing purposes to create emails, blog posts, social media posts and more.

As an added bonus, some big packages of PLR content even include PLR sales letters. That means you can buy a package of PLR in the morning, and be ready to start taking orders in the afternoon!

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