Why Aren’t People Taking Advantage of My Upsell?

Everyone tells you to put an upsell on your order form. They’re right. But the problem is, no one is taking advantage of your upsell.  Not only is your upsell not profitable, but maybe you’re even slightly worried that it’s somehow dragging down your conversions across the board.

If you have this problem too, then it’s troubleshooting time. Ask yourself the following questions…

Does My Upsell Compliment My Main Offer?

Sometimes vendors make the mistake of slapping any ol’ product alongside their main offer, even something that is marginally related.

That’s a mistake.

Instead, what you need to do is select an upsell that compliments and/or enhances the use or enjoyment of the main offer.

For example:

  • If you’re selling a diet guide, then offer a low-calorie recipe book as an upsell.
  • If you’re selling a course about how to write a sales letter, then offer a sales letter critique as an upsell.
  • If you’re selling a book about organic gardening, then offer an upsell video that shows people how to identify common pests and plant diseases.

Next question…

Is My Upsell A Good Deal?

Now there are two components to this question.

The first component is that your upsell is a good bargain. In other words, prospects are getting a deal, such as a steep discount if they order this product now. This creates an incentive to order.

TIP: Another way to provide an incentive is to make an offer for a product that customers can’t get anywhere else. So if they leave your upsell page, that’s their last shot at ever buying that particular product.


Use this strategy carefully, however, as you’ll likely want to promote your upsell on the backend to those customers who didn’t take advantage of the deal when they originally placed their order.

For example, maybe you regularly sell a product for $50, but you offer it for $25 during the ordering process.

The second component is that your upsell is priced reasonably in relation to your main offer. In other words, you don’t want your upsell to double the transaction price or anything, as most people will balk at that.

For example, if your main offer is $97, then a $25 upsell is easy for most customers to digest.


TIP: Yes, some upsells can be equal to or even more than the price of the offer. But reserve this for truly valuable/premium offers. One example is personal coaching.


Is Your Upsell Sales Copy Effective?

Finally, you need to look at the way you present your offer in your sales copy. Keep these points in mind:

  • Focus on the upsell offer only. You don’t need to rehash your main offer, because your prospects have already decided to buy it.
  • Showcase your upsell offer’s biggest benefits via short-form copy. Your prospects are eager to finish the ordering process, so give them enough to make the buying decision, but don’t go overboard with a long-form sales letter.
  • Frame the price the right way. Remember, your prospects are already buying the main offer. So frame your upsell like this: “Would you like to add this guide to your order for just $25 more?”

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