Where Have All the MMO Bloggers Gone?

Back in the heydays, when I was still learning to blog, I used to follow so many make money online (MMO) blogs. MMO bloggers were aplenty and competition for readership seemed so fierce.


It was the later months of 2007. I was a noob (beginner). A dumb noob. Well, not just a dumb noob but also a gullible one.

I used to follow so many blogs, great and small, popular or not. Most were just rambling and ranting about that MMO thing… kissing each other’s ass. Some even think that trash talking and despising other bloggers especially the beginners was so cool.

One of the good things is that they visit each others blog and leave comments. It seemed like blog commenting was the “social media” of that time.

Some comments are good… rubbing the blog owner’s ego… encouraging him/her to publish more “entertaining” posts.

On the other hand, a single comment can ignite a fire which most often led into nasty exchange of fiery words… burning the crowd if not the whole community.

At some point, many MMO bloggers ass-kissed the most popular of them and at times the most noobs of them are despised.

When it comes to first page rankings, they compete wildly for the term “make money online” as well as every variation of it. They love to call themselves the MMO bloggers. They refer to each other dearly as the MMO crowd.

And so, noob as I was, I tried to emulate the most successful of them and tried to chase that “priceless” keyword… and naturally it failed. What more do I expect…

Now, judging from the SE results, most of the blogs I used to read as a noob may have gone somewhere. Checking on their once mighty domains, I see expired or unable to reach browser message. It seems like everybody had hung up their hats.

Some may have gone into oblivion. Some may have learned a lesson or two and preferred to do online marketing underground. Some may have settled into a brick and mortar business… because they finally realized chasing keywords is damn too hard.

As for me, it was an era in the internet marketing niche that is worth remembering.

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