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Basing from the stats of one of my sites, there a lot people who are searching for terms like make money online, how to earn online, earn cash online for free and many other related terms and keywords on this very broad niche.

The make money online niche is a very competitive keyword especially if you want to rank your site on the first pages of the search engines. However, it is also one of the high paying terms when it comes to making money with adsense and other advertising networks.

When I was still starting online, I made the mistake of focusing my very first blog on this niche. As a result I ended up wasting a lot of my time writing senseless articles and blog posts that most people wouldn’t even care to read. My first posts on that make money online site were about reviews of money making programs that I tried in vain to earn much needed income.

If you would like to take my opinion on this it is better to look for other niches that are easier to rank for most especially if you are still a beginner. This is especially true if you are planning to get traffic from the search engines.

Site visitors coming from the search engines are considered by many internet marketers as targeted traffic. They are the ones who are actually interested and are very eager to spend money for something. That means you can make money off them if they find in your site just exactly what they are searching for.

It is therefore important to find the right keywords that you want to target and make steady streams of income. There are a lot of high paying search terms especially in the field of health, beauty, finance, online business, and internet marketing.

If, however, you still want to create a site that caters to this very competitive but very profitable niche you can drill down and look for other closely related keywords.

The following are some of the make money online related terms that you may want to use on your blog.

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