The Dark Side of the Make Money Online Business

On one of my earlier posts I promised to share how I am able to continually earn extra income online. Whew, that was 8 months ago!

Well, before I was able to post some online money making tips I got lost into a lot of distractions on my own real donkey world. At one time I was just having a great life and then at one time I came crashing down like a wounded eagle.

It’s just like at one point I was on a cockpit flying over the world filled with stupid dreams and fantasies. Then, suddenly, I was drowning into an ocean of disappointments, anger, frustrations, and even dragged into a river of tears.

If I try to look back at all those ordeals I cringe at every stupid things I’ve done. I learned my lessons. And it humbled me in every way.

Okay, that’s just a glimpse of my personal stuff. Let’s get on in the online money making business.

Generalized Info About Internet Marketing

The original plan for this domain was to simply extract those informational articles from the tons of make money online ebook that is stored on my donkey hard drive and post it on this blog.

I actually own a lot of informational ebooks (with PLR rights) about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, article marketing, and all the stuff about making money online.

The problem with most of these articles is that it will only inform you of the “what” but it will not actually teach you “how“.

The point is most of the internet marketing and make money online blogs we read on the internet simply tell you of the “what“.

How Most Popular Internet Marketers Make Big Income

If you’ve been reading some of the most popular blogs on the internet marketing and make money online niche, you’ll probably noticed that most of the information they provide are mostly generalized or just giving an overview. As I’ve mentioned earlier, they will only inform you of the “what” part of the money making process.

You may also noticed that some of the blog posts was simply written to entertain you.

Sometimes it was cleverly written to exploit your emotional weakness and before you know it you are buying something they promote.

Well, that’s how some big names in internet marketing make big money.

Take this for example. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each sale brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

And if you’ll asked, “How exactly I can make an income with affiliate marketing?”. The common directions will be, “Buy my product” or “Click this link to learn how”. If you click that link you will be redirected onto a webpage trying to sell you something.

One of the common enticing articles you read online goes around this, “Come on just click on the link below and you will discover how to earn thousands of dollars per month with my proven system.”

And when follow that link you’ll be redirected into a hyped up salespage about “How To Make $1000’s A Month With Affiliate Marketing Simply Doing Nothing.” Or “How To Make $3457 Per Month Simply Posting Ads On Google“.

Is there something wrong with that?

As long as product delivers what was promised on the salespage nothing’s really bad with that. As long as you are presented with a doable process that could really yield an income once you follow it then it’s worth buying it with your hard earned money.

In fact, that’s exactly how big internet marketers are making money on the internet. They sell you their so called money making programs or systems.

What makes it really bad is this: when what was promised on the salespage is almost the opposite – you received nothing but crappy information or worse a confusing system that will not make you real income even how much effort you’ll put into it.

Make Money Online: The Bad Side Of It

Every time a friend, a relative, or some folks I meet ask me why I always spend time on my pc, I am always ashamed to say “I make money online“. My quick response would fall on phrasese like, “I’m setting up an online business“, “I develop VREs“, “I’m into online marketing“, or to be safe I simply say “I’m just trying to design websites“.

The reason for my hesitation to mention that very word is that I always feel that there is some bad notion associated with the word “make money online“. Perhaps the failures and frustrations I’ve gone through for the first two years of desperately trying to earn badly needed money using the internet had contributed to that kind of feeling. Moreover this is one of the most overused and abused niche by internet marketers and bloggers alike.

Aside that from that, most people I know (even relatives and close friends) don’t understand a thing about this business. In my place, mentioning that term seem to me to be more likely perceived as “internet scam“.

Make Money Online Scams

One of the highly associated word with this online industry is the term “scam“. Let’s face it. The make money online world is a very good haven for scammers and con artists. They are there to get your hard earned money.

And the hard fact is that most beginners are gullible when presented with a money making product or program that promise to make them thousand of dollars in just a matter of one week or one month. And without doing anything!

As with most internet marketing beginners I was prone to scams and fly by night schemes. I was burned out many times with such things. Then here comes the so called free money making schemes such as “paid-to-click“, “paid-to-read email“, “paid-to-surf websites” which to me are all proven to be just a waste of time.

I also bought a lot of make money online products endorsed by the popular make money blogging big names and so-called gurus. The problem with most of these products is that you’ll end up needing to “buy this software“, “become a member of this website“, “buy this template“, before you can proceed to the next step. The result is that you’ll end up spending more hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to complete the system.

Why MakeMoneyou

For most beginners especially to those new to internet technology these are common questions that intrigues them.

Is it really possible to earn online?”

Can I make big money online?”

Can I make a living using the internet?”

Again the answer is:

Yes, you can make money online. Make money online, you can. Make money you.

It’s possible to make a living using the internet. Yes, it is. As long as you put time and effort on it.

The best thing about this industry is that you can create a long term source of income especially if you take it as a serious business. I’m actually earning several hundred bucks a month with one simple site I set up a year ago. Did I say thousands? Lol…

It will be through this blog that I will share my online ventures. I’m also planning to provide tutorials on how to do technical stuffs that is involve in creating an online business which are commonly left out in most make money online programs.

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  1. I was browsing your achieves and saw a separation of months with no posts. It’s just my first time on your blog and I really find this particular post interesting. You got a really strong words mention considering you claim to make money online. I hope to hear more from you soon. God bless


  2. I only read your blog now and found it very interesting. Can you teach me how I can make money online? I am a desperate, broke housewife and wanted to find something that I can earn even here in the internet.

  3. Hi Myra.. There are several ways you can earn some cash online without having to spend money but that depends also on what computer and internet skills you have.

    I’ll answer your question on how you can make money online on my next post. I’ll be giving you some sites that allow you to provide your service/s and earn some cash.

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