How Do I Create an Effective, High-converting Tripwire Product?

So you pulled people into your sales funnel with an enticing lead magnet. That’s a good start. But now here’s the tricky part: you need to take a prospect who claimed your freebie and turn him or her into a cash-paying customer. And this entire strategy hinges on your tripwire product doing a good job.

So how do you create an effective, high-converting tripwire? Here’s a cheat sheet of questions to ask yourself as you create your next tripwire product….

Is the topic of my tripwire product highly related to my lead magnet and core offer?


Remember, your tripwire isn’t working in isolation. People will see your lead magnet first, which should naturally lead to your tripwire, which in turn will naturally lead to your core offer. These pieces should all work together.

For example, let’s suppose you’re catering to internet marketers who want to know more about copywriting. The beginning of your sales funnel might look something like this:

  • Lead magnet: A report about how to create compelling sales letter headlines.
  • Tripwire: A training manual that gives instruction on how to write a high-converting sales letter.
  • Core offer: A collection of training manuals, writing swipes, idea brainstorms, fill in the blank templates and more to make it fast and easy for customers to create high-converting sales letters.

Does the tripwire “plant a seed” for the core offer?

It’s not enough that the products are related. Your tripwire needs to specifically plant a seed in the customer’s mind. It needs to arouse desire for a specific solution (your core offer).

Let’s go back to the sales funnel example above, where the tripwire is a copywriting training manual, and the core offer is a collection of swipes, templates and other tools.

In this case, the tripwire product could specifically about how time consuming it is to create a sales letter. It could speak to how it may take weeks to get just the right headline, the right opener, the right P.S. and so on. And it could even talk about how expensive it is to hire a professional copywriter.

Once this seed is planted, then later on the tripwire product offers the solution: the Contentaire collection of copywriting swipes, templates and tools, which makes it faster and easier than ever to create high-response sales letters.


Does the tripwire product include a strong call to action?

Once the seed is planted, then you need to point your customers to the solution with a link and a strong call to action. This is where you specifically tell them what to do next (and why).

Once again, let’s use the Contentaire copywriting package as an example. Your call to action might look like this:

You just discovered exactly how to start writing high-response copy. But the problem is, crafting a good sales letter takes time.

Until now…

That’s because you’re about to get your hands on a huge collection of swipes, idea brainstorms and fill-in-the-blank templates that make light work of crafting high-response sales letters!

Why pay a copywriter thousands of dollars to create a sales letter, when you can do it yourself the fast and easy way? Download this package now at

Next question…

Is the tripwire a high-value product?

Yes, you are going to attach a low price tag to it. However, that doesn’t mean it should have a low value. On the contrary, it should be a high-value, in-demand product. People should really want it, and they should feel like they got a superb deal once they purchase it. This creates a feeling of satisfaction, which in turn makes it more likely that these customers will buy something from you in the future.


So now you know what questions to ask yourself before you start creating your next tripwire product. Just create something with these characteristics…

  • High-quality
  • In-demand
  • High-value
  • Naturally leads to core offer

…and you’re sure to have a highly effective tripwire product on your hands!

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