How to Get More Done in Less Time?

You know what the big problem is with most online marketers? They work entirely too hard for too little reward. They get caught up doing busy work, focusing on the wrong things, and generally spending their time in unproductive ways.

So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Here are tips for getting more done in less time…

Tip 1: Create Daily To Do Lists

People who don’t make lists tend to meander all over during their work time. One great way to get focused is to create a list of everything you aim to accomplish each day. Crossing things off your list also tends to give you a boost to your momentum, which makes it even easier to get more done in less time.

Follow these tips for creating your to-do lists:

  • Prioritize your list. Put your high-value tasks at the top of your list, and focus 80% of your time on achieving these high-value tasks.

For example, finding a joint venture partner is a high-value task, as one good partner can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Meanwhile, writing a blog post is a low-value task, as it will produce significantly less traffic and revenue.

  • Get unpleasant tasks out of the way first. Do them first thing in the morning, and save the tasks you enjoy as a reward for getting the unpleasant ones done first.

BONUS TIP: Close down all distractions, such as social media, before you tackle your to-do list. You want to be sure each minute you spend working is a productive minute.

Tip 2: Delegate And Outsource

You don’t need to do everything yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t be trying to handle everything. This includes:

  • Delegating tasks in your personal life. For example, delegate some of the housework to other household members. Be sure everyone is chipping in.
  • Outsourcing business tasks. You can hire freelancers to do most anything, especially your low-value tasks. Check and
  • Outsourcing personal tasks. A lot of work you do around the house and yard are low-value tasks. For example, how long does it take you to mow the lawn – an hour? You could probably hire someone to do it for you for about $25, which frees you up to focus on tasks that could generate $50, $100 or more for that same hour. It’s a no brainer!

And finally…

Tip 3: Start With a Solid Foundation

The absolute best thing you can do when you’re starting your business is to make sure it’s on a solid foundation. If it’s on shaky ground, you’re going to waste a lot of time fixing the bits and pieces. In some cases, you may even end up scrapping your whole business and starting over.

So here’s what I suggest: if you haven’t already done so, make a business plan. Be clear about your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Now most people need a little help with this step. And that’s why I suggest you check out the five-day Foundations course. This course lets you work one-on-one with Jimmy D. Brown to get a customized plan in place that’s designed to help you start and grow your business.

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