How Do I Generate Renewed Excitement Around an Existing Product?

How Do I Generate Renewed Excitement Around an Existing Product?

Every product creator is familiar with this scenario…

You roll out a new product. People are buzzing about it in the niche. Affiliates are promoting it like crazy. Everyone is happy, everyone is making money.

But then sales begin to fade. The next big thing arrives in the niche, and everyone drifts away from your product and starts talking about something else. Worse yet, even your affiliates stop promoting, as they too have moved onto something else.

Sound familiar? You bet it does. So let’s talk about how to drum up some renewed excitement around your product…

1. Update and Relaunch

The idea here is to create something new enough that the spotlight in your niche returns to your product. Let me share with you two ideas of ways to update your existing product:

  • Create a new version. You might make this product the 2017 Edition or simply call it the 2.0 version. Whatever you choose, make it clear that the product is freshly updated with timely content.
  • Offer a new bonus package. For example, let’s suppose you’re selling a weight loss package. You might offer fresh (and valuable) bonuses such as a meal planning app, as well as access to a private support forum.

When you update your product, be sure to freshen the following components:

  • The product graphics.
  • The sales letter so that it reflects the new information.
  • The overall design of the sales page. You want to be sure it looks polished and current.
  • Your affiliate marketing materials. And of course be sure to inform your affiliates about the upcoming relaunch.

Next up…

2. Hold a Limited-Time Sale

Here’s a good way to get both your affiliates and your prospects excited and buzzing in the niche: hold a sale.

Now, there are a couple ways to do this. And the good news is that you’re not limited to just one way. Check out these ideas:

  • Create a flash sale for 8-12 hours. Here you offer a steep discount for a very short period of time.
  • Run a three day dime sale. With this sale, the price goes up every time someone buys the product, so the prospect needs to order now to lock in the lowest possible price.
  • Offer a “two for one” sale. This works great for products where someone might want to buy one for a spouse or friend.
  • Design a holiday event, such as a Christmas sale. Again, really attractive discounts tend to work well.
  • Create a $1 trial sale. (This is for recurring billing products, where you let people in the door for one week or one month for just $1.)

Just be sure that you alert your affiliates well ahead of time of any upcoming sales so that they can send out multiple promotional emails during the sale period.

And if you really want to kick things up a notch, then you might consider running an affiliate contest while you run a sale for your customers. Which brings us to this last point…

3. Run an Affiliate Contest

As mentioned, pairing a sale with an affiliate contest is a great way to build excitement and generate sales. Here are tips for making the most of your affiliate contest:

  • Offer attractive cash prizes. Not everyone likes gadgets like certain types of products, such as gadgets. But everyone loves cash, which makes it a great motivator.
  • Create competition and excitement among affiliates. Build anticipation for the contest weeks in advance. Once the contest is underway, send daily emails to affiliates to show them the leader board and keep them pumped about promoting.
  • Create fresh promotional materials for the contest period. This includes graphics, reports, solo emails and social media blurbs.

Parting Thoughts

So there you have it – three of the best methods for stirring up excitement in your niche.

Keep this in mind: if you can get your affiliates and partner excited about your product again, then they’ll help you get your prospects excited too. So focus on creating a great affiliate program and motivating your partners.

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