How To Download Files And Find Them

When we first use PC’s or laptops there are times when we download something from the internet and then we wonder where the heck did it go. We try to find the downloaded file and spend hours trying to locate it on our computer. Sometimes we give after convincing our self how crazy we are.

Here’s how to download files to your computer and how to find them without using any software or any other so-called download manager.

Before downloading anything from the web make it sure that the files are easy to find later. Do this by configuring your browser settings. In this example I use Mozilla Firefox.

1. Go to Tools Menu.

2. Choose Options. Window below will pop up.

3. Click browse.
Now, you should set what specific area on your computer the files will automatically go everytime you download something.

4. Make new folder.
Name it as “Downloads” or whatever you want to call it. I call it “A-Hot Downloads”.

5. Click OK.
Now everytime you download something, you know you can find it on Drive D under the folder “A-Hot Downloads” (D:\A-Hot Downloads).

How To Find Your Default Download Location

How about if the download area is set by default? How about if you downloaded a file without configuring the download location?

Simple. Go to Tools Menu. Click Options and look at the “Save files to” field.

From the above illustration, you can find the downloaded file on Drive C under the foler “Users”, subfolder “All Users”, etc. (C:\Users\All Users\where is my download).

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