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WordPress is such a very easy to use online blogging platform but people who are completely new to “internet stuff” still find it confusing. That’s why I made this post to serve as a hand-holding guide to first time users and wannabe bloggers.

1. Login to your new blog by typing your blog url + wp-admin


So from our example in this tutorial,
I will type:

2. Enter your username and password.


3. This is now your WordPress Dashboard.


4. To create new post, hover your mouse over the item menu “Posts” and then click “Add New“.


5. This is your post editor area. Enter your article title under “Add New Post” and then article body on that wide space.

This should be easy to understand but I still find some folks still confused with this one.


6. Since this is probably your first time posting to WordPress, make sure you are on the Visual mode so you can make use of the basic text editor functions such as font size, text color, the ability to insert links.


7. To insert an image, position your cursor where you want image to appear then click the “Add Media” button.


8. Just drop the image or click select files to upload from your PC.


9. Image now uploaded. Make sure it is highlighted.


10. On the ATTACHMENT DETAILS settings, scroll down to set the display settings.


11. Notice how I set my image alignment, link and size. Set yours according to your preference.


12. If your done with your image settings, click “Insert into post” button.


13. Click “Publish” button to make your post live and viewable online.


14. That’s it! Go ahead and view your post now.


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