Reccommended cPanel Powered Webhosts

When shopping for webhost, look for providers that has been established and is proven to have good track record. As much as possible avoid buying from local resellers unless you know them well.

Make sure that the webhost provider will allow you to set up WordPress as well as allow you to add a MySQL database. Another important consideration here is to make sure the webhost uses cPanel as file manager.

Click here to see what cPanel lools like.

So, here is my webhost recommendation:

HostGator – still one of the most reliable and easy to use webhost. Many of my sits are hosted by them.


To make the most of your webhosting experience, choose the Baby Plan. Use the coupon code MAKEMONEYOU to avail 25% OFF.

Click here to sign up with HostGator

Stablehost – also one of the most highly regarded webhosting provider with lots of positive reviews. If you’re on tight budget, sign up with them and then choose the “Stable” package which is $5.95 only.


Click here to sign up with StableHost

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