Are You a Blogger or an Internet Marketer?

What’s the difference between a blogger and an internet marketer?

Well, a blogger can write and blog and write and blog all day long but he/she may not know how to market his/her blog or how to generate traffic.


I’ve seen so many talented bloggers in my place. Heck, they can write the best articles in town. They can make you laugh or annoy you with their piece. They have the perfect grammar. BUT they simply don’t know how to sell themselves especially online.

On the other hand, an internet marketer may not excel in writing or blogging but simply knows the trades of promoting anything online either through SEO, social media, forums, online networking, etc. A good internet marketer can sell almost anything to anyone.


Now, one person can be both a blogger and at the same time an internet marketer. Another person can say, “I’m not a blogger. I’m an internet marketer“.

So, are you a blogger or an internet marketer?

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