or and are both free to use blogging platforms. There are hundreds of free blog sites online but these two are the most popular and most trusted.

blogger or wordpress

Let’s compare:
1. Create account at
2. Your site is
3. Google Adsense ready
4. Affiliate ads allowed
5. Therefore, it’s a good start to earn money without spending a dime
6. You will never experience the beauty about WordPress.
1. Create account at
2. Your site is
3. Adsense ads NOT allowed
4. Affiliate ads NOT allowed
5. Therefore, not recommended if you plan to monetize your free site.
6. Good for newbies to practice how to use WordPress.


So what’s better between the two free blog platforms? Naturally, you go for IF you want to fully monetize your blog soon.

If you just want to blog just for the sake of blogging without the need to make money off it, then go for

Now, if you gonna ask me what’s best recommended for online business I’d say go for Self-Hosted WordPress. Learn about the two types of WordPress here.

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