You Need This Basic Skills Before Starting an Online Business

Do I have the basic skills?

Your ability to earn money online depends on your natural skill sets, your willingness to learn and understand new things, how much resources (time and money) you want to invest, and how you treat your newfound obsession.


I’m not saying you should have a professional degree. But as long as you know basic computer operations and have the knack to quickly find your way on how technical stuff work (PC/Laptop, browsers, emails, blog platforms, search engines, etc), you can be on a good start. This means you have the natural technical skills. It’s just like when you first use your new iPhone when you easily found your way on how to use the those many features and different apps.

I say this because I met a lot people who are very much eager to earn online but don’t even know how to hold a mouse nor type his/her name on the keyboard! How are they going start a freaking online business with that? You know that feeling when you’re frustrated to try to teach folks like them.

If you’re one of them, please learn how to use a PC first. Learn how to go around the internet, how browser works, how to search on Google, etc. If you need to take a short course on computer and internet skills, by all means do it. You also need to set apart a time of your day to learn the trade of earning money online. This shows your willingness to learn new things.

I’m not implying someone being dumb here. The fact that you’re correcting my grammar and writing logic while reading this post means you’re actually much much better than me. 🙂 Every person has his own strength and weakness.

Now, there’s one thing that I observed in this crazy venture called making money online. Those who are making huge income are those people who really understand what they’re doing and are somewhat successful in managing a business in the offline world. They are the businessmen/entrepreneurs who know how to run any endeavor profitably.

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